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Reflections of the Summer 2023 Just Before Our Last Show

  On August 11 we will be our very last show of the summer in Oakmont before everyone heads off to college. We are so grateful to everyone who came out and supported TTA and MX Sisters Creations this summer. It was great meeting everyone, and some of our fellow artists became like family. :)    Thank you, especially to those who bought prints and paintings. Wings (Sold) Owl Eye (Sold) and Apple Seller (Prints Available) There is a lot we learned this year. First, we should not spend $250 on prints! Several people asked for a print of Apple Seller , pictured above right, but then did not end up actually purchasing the prints we made. We ended up only selling one, and they are so delicate it is terrifying each time we move them. We had hoped to get them with a cardboard backing from the printer, but that was not possible at the time we ordered them. Because we sold two paintings at the most recent Garfield night market, we almost broke even. Bird Skull Stickers... Those little things we

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